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 a piece of memories 2

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PostSubject: a piece of memories 2   Sat Jul 19, 2008 12:38 am

lazily, i brought out my thumbdrive and connected with the computer. Several click i had done, i collected few pieces of paper-with the heave soft metal smell- from a void of the machine. Few second scanning, i asked, "can you help me bind all these?" No respond.I felt tired of this kind of situation, begging somebodydoing something and need to pay for it."i pay, so u have the right to do it!" I was trying calm down my temper which was almost out of control from someone or somewhere. I asked again,"hey, can u help me." "Ok. Wait. Let me finish my work fist," i got the valuable respond, with the skilled gesture, one arm busying on the paper stack and another one gave me broad palm, which was the obstacle of my vision to see his loath expression."What an early morning." i thought and sighed deeply, not interupt the cool and still space there.Standing in front of the binding machine,i saw a moving object rush here, rush there. Finally,"so, how is it?" he askded." help me add these paper in this ring. Few simple step, the holes neatly placed on the side of the paper.preparing to add, " Where you done ur binding?"He asked. "why?"i wondered."i cannot give you a perfect binding because of the mistake and different style of binding form.""Can you try to do it?" i begged. Few minutes ago, I got my work finally.Gathered up the small stack of paper, which i thought was not perfect enough,and keeped my only thumbdrive in to my beg, i step out from this cool and lead smell space.Without much energy, i silidng down toward the bright.By using the extended steps, i acrossed the silent and blistered road to taking the school bus.

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a piece of memories 2
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