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 a piece of memories

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PostSubject: a piece of memories   Sat Jul 19, 2008 12:27 am

With the dust smell and the low temper of heart beating to see the huge vehicle-school bus, I climbed into the cool, smelled air space. I have felt disgusted of the inside vehicle air. Trying to advertent from the nausea situation, I was looking for a good seat-a seat which is nearest from me and comfortable when the vehicle move, not very ashake when the tyres climbing up the bulge of the road pair by pair. Settling myself down on the choosey seat, near by the entrance, not only can enjoy the fresh, natured air but also can be the first to get rid of the nausea situation, I took out a piece of paper which was written some notes, which might be useful later on. Without thinking the unhappy matter, I concentrated on memorizing the mathematic formula. The situation inside the bus was quiet and dull. I could felt that, at least. When the bus had stopped at the station, a friend or just a classmate came on. No any thought, I gave her an eye signal to ask her sit beside me. “I have friend sit beside me,” I thought. “Just arrived?” I demolished the stock-still situation. “Oh, yaya.”I got the bland respond. Around twenty minutes passed, the red and sliver gray color aluminium casting building lunged in my limit of vision. “what a magnetic color contrast.” I was appreciating the decoration. With the impulsion toward front side and the pull to the leaning cushion, I faster scan the area around me if I have left something, and then followed the queue toward the fresh air. Inhaling the air deeply, i walked to the classroom. “ it’s she!” the voice from somewhere else intrude my ear. Leaving several step to classroom, “she is not!” I heard . I murmured, “what happen today?” and keep stepping to the classroom. Before I step in the cool room, I saw a person who has participated in my unhappy matter, and not to destroy my calm emotion, I tried to smile at her, as if I had never known her before and gave her a first greeting smile. After I put my bag and the assignment, which I thought is perfect, on the glistening floor, also beside the white paint wall, I found a middle seat to sit down. Quiet down my heart beating, I tried to control the urge from my cold and shaking hand to grab the question paper. There was time before start. I was using the time to recall the formula from the note. The heart beat interrupt me to practice how to using the formula. I forcibly tried to suck the air to fulfill my energy filled chamber-lung- to generate more energy to connect the piece of the formula from practice. I failed. What I was going to do later on was let my mind idling in the period of blank. “Shh, don disturb her!” the voice slightly intruded my ears from somewhere else. I put the attention to search where the voice come from.” Is she talking?” I was not sure. Few minutes later, “now, you guys can start.” I could sure she talked, then. One hand turn over the paper, one hand grab the calculator, I was nervous for the trick of the question and prepare to use the tool to overcome the problem. After I scan several sentences, taking a deep breath, i put down the calculator and started to draw something else on the answer paper without thinking any others.
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a piece of memories
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