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 a piece of memories 1

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PostSubject: a piece of memories 1   Sat Jul 19, 2008 12:34 am

April 8, midnight, i was crying until morning.
April 9, early morning, 8 a.m, i woke up from two hours nap. Hugging my pillow, as friend caring me,
i hardly open my eyes to view the reality around me. The paper stack, the half filled tea mug, the water cooker, the herbernated notebook and the scattered stationary, which were silently staying in dim space, burdened my heart. Blanking awhile and sighning slightly, i let my pillow go, woke up from bed, a gate of running out from heavy live, and then pick my washing tools toward the dull bathroom. Rushly finishing face washing, i changed my clothe, collected stationary box, calculator, file, and a thumbdrive in my beg, a simple but useful tool, and then left my bedroom or workplace-a heavy, tasted place. I want to do another printing for my homework. Walking on the busy street, i was awaken by the morning fresh air and the active object which was moving within my vision. There was a shock or coincident happend, and it put my mind to be clear from blur. A lecture-a women who i ever scare of-said "hi' to me, and i merely heard that she can pick me to school. "Do i know you?" i was thinking. I gave her a reluctant expression and walked my own way. "She don't know where is my destination." i mumured. Acrossing the bridge, which is really can bring the people out from accident, i keeped walking and enjoying the moving object. Few minutes ago, i reached the shop, which i ever consider the cheapest one around this area. Seeing the opened gate, i was exciting and feeling glad of the shop was openned on time. With the eager heart, i climded up the staircase, and pulled the door. When the door opened, the cool air stoped my motion, few second blank, i steped in to the shop. I said "hi" to the boss-a cabby guy, and he looked shock of seeing me. Putting my beg and sitting down, i had no care of how shock he seeing me.
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a piece of memories 1
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