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 [ENG] Moonflower

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PostSubject: [ENG] Moonflower   Wed Aug 13, 2008 5:08 pm

Title: Moonflower
Fandom: Characters from my original story Shy in the Face of Danger.
Warnings: Fluffy M/M romance, made-up flowers and made-up American Indian tribes.
Word Count: 300

Note: I wrote this for a contest held by a community on LiveJournal. It does not, necessary, have anything to do with the plot of SitFoD, and can easily be read as a completely separate piece. I just used the characters and setting because I like them.


It was so much darker out in the desert, where there were no city lights to contaminate the encompassing black of the night sky. At home the sky was blue, even at night, and though the stars were yet to emerge Shy could feel that there were going to be twice as many. Already the moon was twice as large as he ever remembered seeing.

And it was cold. Shy did not understand how any place that could be so unbearably hot during the day could be so icy cold at night.

At least he had someone to keep him warm.

“When will they come out?” the boy asked, and felt a chuckled rumble through the chest behind him.

“You have to be patient.”

Shy was not good at being patient, but he bit his lip to keep from asking anymore stupid questions.

It seemed like hours passed. Shy was not good at judging time out here, either. The moon had barely moved.


Shy started, and looked around at the man. Danger was pointing up at the sky. The first star had appeared.

“Now…” he was as tentative as Shy had ever heard. The boy hurried to turn back to the land before them; stretching on for eternity. “Wait…” a breath against his ear made the boy shiver slightly.


At first he did not see anything. And then he did. Points of white began to show up against the deep umber of the desert landscape like reflections of the stars high above. Flowers that only bloomed at night. Shy would not have thought it possible had he not seen them for himself.

“They are beautiful.”

“That is why they are sacred to my people,” the man replied. “Anything that can bloom under the moonlight should be held sacred.”

The End.
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[ENG] Moonflower
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