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 Of Heaven and Hell (ENG)

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PostSubject: Of Heaven and Hell (ENG)   Mon Apr 28, 2008 3:41 am

Author: Venus
Warning:yaoi(male/male relationship) Language, violence. In later chapters master/slave and non consensual sex.
Genre: Lemon,fantasy,drama.
A/N:All characters are original and belong to me.
The story does contain explicit sex scenes, but it does have a plot.
Story summary:After many years of war,demons finally loose to the angels. The story begins with a short prologue about that war.
Next chap takes place on earth in our time where demons live among humans, hiding there true form.

Of Heaven and Hell


Since the dawn of times the war between good and evil, Heaven and Hell, had raged. The losses were countless on both sides, for not to mention all those humans who had been caught in the crossfire.
The reason for the war? Neither demons nor angels seemed to recall. Angels blamed the demons for the war, looking upon them as uncivilised, brutal beings, no better then animals.
Demons however, blamed the angels, regarding them as arrogant and cowardly.

After an unusual bloody encounter between the armies, Devarja, supreme king of the angels, decided this war had to come to its end, and he would use all means to make sure the armies of Heaven would be the once still standing.
Devarja summoned the 7 kings, one ruler from each Heaven, to tell them about his plan. Some of the kings found this plan to be a bit extreme, but agreed that the war had to come to an end, before every angel and demon killed each other along with every living creature under the sun.

3 days after the meeting, Rajendra , lord of all demons, received a message.

Plain of the stone circle
Dawn, in 5 days
Meet me with your entire force; let us end this war, once and for all.

The message had Devarjas signature.
Eager to end, and win, the war the demon lord gathered his armies and went towards the final battle.

One can only guess the look on the great and feared demon lord’s face, when he realized that the only army in sight was his own.
No doubt that he had been tricked, but for what purpose?

In the meantime the soldiers of Heaven were preparing to attack, but not the armies of Hell, they were far away by now, just as planned. Still, this attack would hurt Hells soldiers far worse then any weapon ever could.
With the lord, and every single man and woman, able to wield a weapon gone, the great city of Hell was completely defenseless. And so were those inhabitants still left there.
Countless numbers of demons in all ages, from infant to old, were slaughtered that day. But some managed to escape to the surface.

Hundreds of miles away, the demon armies were suddenly struck by indescribably sorrow and rage, feeling the pain of their loved once, as strong as if it had been their own.
Now they all understood what the trick had been about.

Driven by sorrow and insane rage, the demon armies rushed back to Hell, finding no one alive. Walking straight into the ambush set by the armies of Heaven. Those of the demons who tried to attack were merciless shot down. In the end those of the demons still standing, including Rajendra, had to surrender.

Having seen far more blood then he wanted, Devarja gave order to spare the lives of the remaining demons, both the soldiers standing before him and those demons who had escaped the slaughter.
However, Devarja never wanted another war like this, so he made a new law, every demon had to become the slave of an angel. Devarja himself took Rajendra to be his slave. The 7 kings were the next to choose and so on.

But if you think the story ends here, you are wrong; in fact this is only the beginning. 5000 years has passed since that day, when one king became the slave of another.
Devarja and Rajendra are long gone by now, but the law remains and so does the races of Heaven and Hell.
Angels, still mainly living in the Heavens, only coming down to earth, to trade or hunt the descendants from the demons who once escaped the massacre in Hell, now living amongst humans, hiding their true form.
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PostSubject: Chap 1   Mon Apr 28, 2008 3:43 am

Chapter 1

Present time, earth
“Hey there Len, got some fresh meet for me?” The small man known as Len jumped nervously, he had been so busy counting money and taking bets, he hadn’t even heard the huge man approaching.
Len and Merv had been partners for years now, ever since Merv had been kicked out of professional boxing for doping use. Len had the connections and nose for business and Merv had the muscles, the perfect partnership.

“Yep, he’s standing over there” Len nodded, showing the direction, never taking his eyes of the money. Merv`s eyes followed the direction, finding a young, slender guy, leaned relaxed against the wall. “That guy?” Merv pointed openly. ”Yep” Merv smiled to himself; oh this was going to be far too easy. He strolled through the parking lot, placing his hands on each side of his opponent, pinning him against the wall, standing almost 6,5 feet tall Merv towered over his smaller opponent. “It’s almost a shame to wreck such a pretty face; maybe I should just fuck you instead”. The smaller man looked up at him, smiling, almost seductively, and about a sec. later Merv found himself laying flat on his back not knowing what just hit him. “I appreciate the offer, but I really don’t think your man enough”. The smaller guy turned around and walked to the place where the fight was to take place. Merv was furious now; he got to his feet, storming at his opponent to attack. However his attack was easily dodged, just as his next move. Merv was about to plan his next attack when a hard kick hit him in the chest and sent him flying. The force behind the kick took Merv by surprise, but most of all it pissed him of, hell if he would loose to some little punk. He got back on his feet, remembering the training from his pro time, raising his parades, dancing around his opponent. Dammed how that guy just pissed him of, he just stood there, smirking, he didn’t even care to hold his parades up. In fact the kid acted as if Merv was just about as much of a thread to him as a puppy dog would have been. Merv had lost fights before, as a pro, and in street fights, but no opponent had ever mocked him like this, his every hit was easily dodged, and every time that guy attacked him, he found himself flying, completely unable to defend himself. How was it even possible? That guy was at least 1- 1 ½ head smaller than him and probably didn’t weigh more than half of what he did. Something was just not right about that guy, Merv became more and more aware of the fact that he was being toyed with; it pissed him of and scared the shit out of him at the same time.
Barely able to stand Merv moved in for his final attack and just as the other times he found himself slammed to the ground so fast he didn’t even knew if he had been kicked or hit.
Knowing he had lost, Merv looked up at his opponent in rage, the kid starring back at him “I told you, you weren’t man enough” A voice spoke inside Mervs head. The guy flashed a quick smirk, turned around and left. Merv could have sworn he saw a glimpse of a fang.

Zayn stepped outside the parking house, inhaling the cool spring air; he had never been a fan of crowded places, his sharpened senses always went mad in places like that. Still he loved the thrill of a good fight, doing the time a fight lasted, he was able to forget everything else, only he and his opponent excited. Even though most humans were no, or very little challenge to him.
Even among his own kind he was known as one who knew how to defend himself. Still he knew very well that he had no chance against, Rais, the leader of his clan. And Rais would be everything but happy if he found out Zayn had been in another fight.
After Zayns parents died, Rais had taken him in and raised him as his own. If he found out, Zayn smiled sarcastic to himself, of cause Rais would find out, somehow that guy just always seemed to know every time he did something he was not supposed to do, he had most likely had someone follow him, if he had, they had probably already told Rise, Shit, he was so going to get it this time.

He had only sad foot in the hall as Rais appeared next to him, grabbing his arm and dragging him roughly through the long corridors of the mansion that served as home for about 50 demons. Zayn knew better then to object, it didn’t take a genius to tell Rais was really pissed this time. As soon as they arrived at Rais office a hard backhand slap hit Zayns face and sent him straight to the floor. Before he could get up, Rais had dragged him to his feet, only to backhand him a few more times, beginning to calm down Rais loosened his grip, sighting deeply, almost in defeat “what am I going to do with you? Don’t you understand you’re bringing yourself in danger acting like that, we have to lay low, blend in”. He released his grip on Zayn, his voice softened, now sounding more concerned then angry. “That was the reason your parents left the mansion back then, they wanted a better life for you and your brother they wanted for you to grow up among humans, to live like them”
“And that’s why they got killed” Zayn snapped, his voice trembling by the memories of seeing his family getting killed. “We will never blend in, so why bother?” He turned around and left the room, Rais rushed after him but was stopped by his wife in the corridor “let him go, he just needs to cool down” Rais sighted tired and leaned into the touch of his woman. “What am I to do with that kid? He’ll make me grow old before time” Hella sighted soft and nuzzled her husbands muscled chest “just give him time, he is young and has already seen to much, and it doesn’t make it easier that he is just as stubborn as his father was and as hot-headed as his mother was”.

For a moment Zayn considered to leave the mansion, but wisely reconsidered, no one, not even he would get away with pissing Rais of twice a day. Instead he walked to the back side of the mansion, where a rather large garden stretched all the way down to a small river. Close to the mansion the garden was kept in strict order, short grass, trimmed bushes and trees in line, this part of the garden had no interest to him; he preferred the end far away from the house, no one ever bothered to keep anything in order down there and hardly anyone ever came down there. That was the way he liked it, just being all alone, not having to explain himself to any one, bother to conceal his feelings or hide who and what he was. Down there he could disappear between the high grass and untrimmed trees and pretend everything was just fine, if only just for a while.
It wasn’t that he disliked Rise, Hella or the others living in the mansion, he just didn’t really fit in. Because of safety issues the rules in the mansion were quite strict, everything was a balance between blending in with the humans, not acting suspicious and still staying within the clan and always being loyal and obedient towards the leader.
Zayn had a problem with authorities and tended to do pretty much as he pleased, much to the dislike of especially the older demons. His attitude had resulted in not to few disciplining sessions with Rais; actually he was surprised Rais had let him of so easy tonight, he remembered several occasions were he had been beaten so bad he was unable to move for days. However he never held is against Rais, as a leader of the clan Rais had a big responsibility and the discipline sessions, were mostly about setting an example, and thereby making sure none of the other young demons got the idea to act like Zayn. Rise had long time ago acknowledged the fact, that Zayn just got even more stubborn and unruly from the beatings.

He came here often enough to know every scent from the different foliage growing here, but tonight a different scent mixed with the wild flowers, he reconiced the scent as someone from his own kind, a male, he stood for a moment, taking in the scent, and reconicing it. “Come out Shiva, I know you are there”. Soft laughter was heard and Shiva emerged from his hiding behind a tree, walking slowly towards Zayn, swaying his hips seductively as he walked, for a moment Zayn forgot to be annoyed that someone had invaded his private space, Shivas slender body was only covered by a loose silk robe, the moonlight making the light fabric transparent enough for Zayn to tell that Shiva hadn’t bothered with underwear.
The soft breeze made his waist long black hair sway lightly and the fabric caress every curve of the young male’s body.
Before Zayn could tear away from this dream vision in front of him, Shiva stood right in front of him one hand already caressing the tensed muscles on Zayns back “Shiva…. Don’t…..I…” ” Schhhh” Shiva held a finger to his lips silencing him, then softly whispering “I know you don’t want me the way, I want you, that you will never truly love me back, and that’s ok, as long as you will let me be with you”.
As he wasn’t pushed away Shiva risked proceeding to the next step. Running his tongue along the thin line of blood, still running from Zayns lips. While he undid the belt holding his robe in place, letting it slide to the ground, exposing his pale flawless skin.
Shivas tongue soon found the source of the blood; he gently licked at the small wound enjoying the sweet taste of the man he had desired for so long.
Zayns arms went around Shivas waist pulling his naked body closer to his own, buried his face in the curve of Shivas neck, gently biting down on the soft white skin, Shiva moaned and tilted his head to the side, baring his throat, while wrapping his legs around Zayns hips.
Zayn lowered Shiva down, to lie in the tall grass, while he lay on top of him, kissing those soft lips, tasting his own blood, while enjoying the feel of Shivas erection pressing against his. He could feel Shivas hands fumbling around in his hair, finally succeeding in undoing it from the band that had held it back in a tight ponytail, now untied it cascaded down his back as a fall of silver and black and fell in messy wisps into his face, Shiva ran his fingers through the long strands all the way down to that place on Zayns back where his shirt ended. Shivas hands slid under the tight black shirt, slowly pulling it up, revealing Zayns slender, yet well muscled body, and just lightly tanned skin.
“Sure you want this?” To exited to answer Shiva just nodded, his purple eyes shining with lust, Zayn could tell he was about to change into his demon form, leaning back a little, giving the demon below him room to unfold his wings.
Using his huge black batlike wings for take-of Shiva turned the positions around, throwing Zayn flat on his back, placing himself on top, straddling over his groin, hands pressed against Zayn naked chest, holding him down, as he tilted his head purring seductively.
As response Zayns amber eyes darkened with lust, a low growl escaping his throat as he released his own demon form, strong, twisted horns appearing just above his slightly pointed ears, his claws growing longer and curvier, silver batwings unfolding beneath him.
Despite Shiva still held him down, he sat up easily, pulling Shiva into a deep passionate kiss, Shiva parting his lips, welcoming Zayns warm, wet tongue. His hands finding their way down between Zayns legs, massaging him for a while before undoing the belt and zipper and reaching inside his tight leather pants.
Suddenly Zayn broke the kiss, Shiva was confused, had he done something wrong? Zayn gently stroke his cheek and then retrieved his claws, bringing his fingers to Shiva’s lips, relived it wasn’t over, and getting where this was going, Shiva ran his tongue along Zayns fingers , never loosing contact with those amber eyes starring so lusty back at him, then taking his fingers in, sucking and playfully biting. After a while Zayn replaced his fingers with his tongue, letting his wet fingers follow Shiva’s spine all the way down to his tight opening, careful pushing inside.
Arching his back, leaning forward a bit, moaning and spreading his legs further apart, while digging his claws into Zayns shoulders for support Shiva didn’t leave his lover doubting how much he was enjoying this.
Using his free hand to stroke Shiva’s erection, smearing the precum all over his length, occasionally letting his claws scratch against the sensitive flesh, fully enjoying Shiva’s little whimpers and moans Zayn wouldn’t be able to take it much longer, he could have sworn his entire body was on fire.
Feeling his lover was as close as himself, Shiva pulled those restraining pants down, shortly caressing his partner’s impressive erection before guiding it inside himself, wrapping his legs around Zayns waist, biting down into his shoulder, letting the sweet red liquid comfort him until pain became pleasure. Zayn growled with the combination of the pleasure from the tight heat surrounding his cock and that sweet pain, caused by Shiva’s eagerly, biting, licking and sucking. For a while Zayn just enjoyed this feeling, tilting his head to the side allowing Shiva to bite and suck his neck as well while Zayn nuzzled his hair and back.
Then leaning forward, pushing Shiva on his back, still inside him, guiding Shiva’s legs over his shoulders, placing his hands on Shiva’s hips, holding him in place and pushing fully inside him, slowly drawing almost out, only to push inside again, this time hard enough to make his lover whimper and dig his clawed fingers into the ground, another hard thrust made Shiva arch his back so much he almost stood in a curve, his vision getting blurred as Zayn increased his pace. Shiva’s right hand went between his own legs, stroking himself as he moaned his lover’s name. Zayn could have come right there, just by watching the show in front of him, but he controlled himself, holding back until he felt Shiva’s body tense around him, trembling in orgasm as he came.
Seeing the look on Shiva’s face as he came was enough to send Zayn over the edge as well, how could anybody look that beautiful? His eyes half closed, lips lightly parted and a soft shade of rose on his pale skin, strongly contrasted by his midnight black hair.
Shiva patted the grass next to him, hoping he might would be able to make Zayn stay with him, even if, just for a little while.
As Zayn lay down Shiva cuddled up to him, putting his arms around him, resting his head against his chest, and was gladly surprised when Zayn put his arms around him pulling him closer.
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PostSubject: chap 2   Mon Apr 28, 2008 3:43 am

Chapter 2
Elysia, capital of the Heavens
“Uriel! I had no idea you were back in Elysia, when did you arrive”? A big smile appeared on Aeneas youthful face as soon as he spotted his cousin.
“I just arrived, thought I would drop by on my way home, hope you don’t mind”?
“Of cause not, you know I’m always happy to see you, come” Aeneas laid an arm around his taller cousin, eagerly leading him from his study and into one of the smaller living rooms. They had only just settled down on the futons as a pretty male demon appeared, eyes lowered to the ground, his voice barely to be heard “can I bring you something my Lord”?
“Shay, it’s ok, you may look at me when you speak, and don’t call me Lord, Aeneas will do. And yes it would be nice if you could bring us some tea”
Shay nodded, eyes still plastered to the floor, then backing away from his master and his guest to bring what he was told.
“Just so typical you cousin, you finally get a slave that behaves like a slave is supposed to and what do you do? You ruin it” Uriels expression seemed to be somewhere in between displeased and amused.
“Please Uri, you just got back; let us not start fighting”
Shay silently entered the room and gracefully kneeled down, setting cups and tea at the table, then rising to stand behind his master. “Thank you Shay, you can go now”. With a light bow he backed out the room, never looking at his master, and definitely not his guest, he had to be the one Kay had warned him about.
“You are right Aeneas; it’s non of my business how you treat your pets, and I have to compliment you in your taste, he is far prettier then the last one you had, what was his name again, Kay was it”?
Aeneas was not a man to loose his temper, but as much as he loved his cousin, they were just miles apart when it came to slaves, and Uriel knew exactly how to provoke him, for some reason he loved teasing his younger cousin on this subject.
“Firstly, Kay is still here and secondly they are not my pets, they are servants”
“Servants, really, so they are free to go whenever they want to”? Uriel smirked, sipping his tea.
Aeneas wasn’t sure what to say here, he knew his cousin was right about this part, even if he wanted to set his slaves free he couldn’t, the law simply forbid it, once a demon became a slave it was forever, if a master didn’t wanted his slave anymore he could either sell him or kill him, freedom was not an option.
“I’m just teasing you Aeneas; do with your demons as you please, by the way, where and when did you get that boy”?
“I bought him about two month ago from a small fat guy, you might know him, he’s always trying to mingle with the top, and he has a finger in pretty much everything that pays”
Uriel nodded “Hmmm yeah, don’t remember his name right now, but I think I know who he is, unpleasant guy”.
“Mildly put, I don’t know what he did to Shay, but the first couple of weeks here, he spent in a corner, shaking, he still panics if someone raises their voice or move to fast, but that’s maybe your idea of a well trained slave”? Aeneas could have hit himself for bringing that subject back up, but he really didn’t wanted Uriel to have the last word in this discussion.
“A slave that hides every time his master enters the room is not of much use” Uriel calmly studied the pattern on his tea cup, pretending he hadn’t noticed the anger in Aeneas voice.
“So, in your opinion, the only reason not to mistreat a slave is that it will make him useless? I can’t believe you”! Aeneas was seriously angry now and he had no intension on hiding it.
Uriel was still completely calm and unaffected, his beautiful face showing no sign of emotion:
“If you ask me, if I support mistreating and unnecessary hard punishment, the answer is no, as the superior race we should be able to deal with problems in a more civilized way. However, a slave should know his place”.
This answer calmed Aeneas a bit. “Speaking of place, where is Layla”?
“I sold her, got a good offer, I’m considering to get a new pet, just haven’t found what I’m looking for yet”.
Aeneas shook his head, he would never understand how his cousin could be so cold, it was the same story with both his slaves and his angelic lovers, he had them for a while, until they bored him, his lovers were dumped and his slaves sold. Not once had Aeneas seen him show real affection towards anyone.
Uriel broke of his thoughts; his voice was more cheerful now. “So anything exiting happened while I was gone”?
Aeneas was grateful for the change of subject, “no not really, I’ll much rather hear about your travel, tell me about the other six Heavens, you must have met so many interesting people and seen so much”.
Uriel couldn’t help but smile, even though his cousin was only a few years younger then him, Aeneas always looked like an exited little child when Uriel told him stories about his travels. As the one being responsible for all trading activities between the seven Heavens and even between heaven and earth, Uriel was often gone on shorter or longer journeys, and had lots of stories to tell.
Aeneas was sitting like on needles now, “and what about earth, what is it like? Did you see any humans; are they as ugly as people say”?
Uriel let out one of his rare laughs, “They don’t look that different from us, but they really aren’t to smart, most of them have no clue about either us or the demons”.
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PostSubject: Chap 3   Mon Apr 28, 2008 3:44 am

Chap 3

Shiva yawned and stretched, blinking his eyes against the insisting sunlight, the mist on the grass told him it was still early, but just as he had expected, Zayn had already left. Shiva slipped on his robe and vent back to the mansion; now that he was awake anyway he might as well take a shower and begin the day.
Shiva nodded at the guards as he passed them, not many others were awake this early, it suited him fine, he wasn’t really in the mood to explain himself to anybody right now.
He turned on the water, waited until steam filled the bathroom, and stepped under the shower. He needed a long hot bath to clear his mind, a part of him wanted to be happy, after all he had finally succeeded in getting Zayn to bed with him, ok not exactly bed, but still. Another part of him couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed; it wasn’t that he had expected it to be serious between them or anything, but the way Zayn had held him afterwards, so gentle and caring, had left him hoping for a little more then just sex. But when he woke up all alone, last night seemed like nothing but a dream, only the marks left on his body witnessed it really did happen.
Shiva leaned against the wall, sighting deeply, enjoying the hot water running down his back, so lost in his own thoughts that he failed to notice the figure sneaking inside the bathroom and up behind him.

Shiva jumped in shock as strong hands locked around his shoulders, pinning him against the wall, a low threatening growl very near his ear, fangs scratching lightly against his neck “You still have his disgusting stench all over you, I would do you a favor by fucking you right here, it should be my scent on you, my marks should be the only ones on your body”
“Let go” Shiva knew all to well physical strength was not one of his best features, but if necessary, he would put up as much of a fight as possible.
“Don’t worry Shiva, I would never hurt you” the grip on his shoulders loosened, hands instead sliding caressing down his back, until they cupped his butt.
Shiva’s reaction came completely by instinct and surprised himself even more then his insulter, quickly spinning around slapping Kumaras face hard, leaving a burning red hand print on his cheek.
For a moment the larger demon just stood there, looking quite confused, while he tried to decide how to react.
“Well well, like to play it rough” Kumara smirked as he rubbed his sore cheek and closed the space between them, once again pinning Shiva to the wall, their lips only inches apart.
“Get of me Kumara” Shiva’s voice trembled with anger and fear as he tried to push the other male away.
“Easy Shiva, as I said, I would never hurt you, but I swear that bastard is going to regret the day he laid a hand on what is mine”
“I am not yours Kumara”
“Maybe not yet, but someday I will become the leader of this clan, and when I do it’s my right to choose the mate I want, and when I become leader, not even Rise will be able to protect your little boyfriend” Shiva knew all to well Zayn and Kumara were very far from friends, but he had never before heard such hate in Kumara`s voice.
“I don’t get you Kumara, why do you hate him so much, he is your brother after all”
Kumara`s red eyes immediately darkened “He is not my brother, he is nothing but some bastard my father took in, just to bad the slayers didn’t kill him along with his treacherous family” Kumara let go of Shiva, turned around and left, making sure to slam the door loudly on his way.

Shiva let out a deep sight of relief and let himself slide to the floor, for a moment he had really feared Kumara would actually rape him. But what scared him the most was the things he had said about Zayn, everybody knew how little the two foster brothers thought of each other, Kumara despised Zayns parents, and Zayn, regarding them as traitors to the clan and their kind because they had decided to leave the clan. And Zayn was far form innocent in the conflict between them, his favorite sport seemed to be pissing of Kumara, but still, Shiva had never thought their rivalry went that deep, Kumara had truly sounded like he wanted Zayn dead.
Shiva bid his lip, trying to decide what to do, there was no doubt there was going to be trouble when Kumara and Zayn met. For a moment he considered to find Zayn before Kumara did and warn him. But then again, knowing Zayns temper, that would probably not be the smartest thing to do.
He could tell Rise, but what good would that do? Not even Rise could keep them apart for ever. Besides, he didn’t want to be a sneak. He shrugged by the thought of making both Zayn and Kumara mad at him at once, not a pleasant thought.
He got to his feet, turned of the water, deciding that it would maybe be the smartest not to say or do anything right away. As he dried of his hair he couldn’t help an unpleasant thought from sneaking in on him, Kumara had shown interest in him for quite a while now, but he had turned him down, since he had his mind set on Zayn. But Zayn had more or less ignored his approaches, until last night. Had Zayn only slept with him because he knew how much it would provoke Kumara?

Late, the same evening Shiva was getting ready to go to bed, apart from the incident in the shower it had been a quite normal day, nothing out of the ordinary, no one had seen Zayn or had any idea where he had gone- nothing out of the ordinary.
Shiva stood back against the window, enjoying the light, cool breeze, as he suddenly became aware he was being watched.
“Evening Zayn, you could use the door you know”
Zayn just smirked and jumped down the windowsill “I could, but I didn’t”
“Where have you been all day”? Shiva laid his arms around Zayns neck, letting his fingers tangle in his lover’s hair.
Zayn in response let his arms slide around Shiva’s waist “just around”
As much as he enjoyed the closeness Shiva couldn’t get that thought out of his head, but how could he ask without being sure to light Zayns fiery temper.
“You’re so quiet Shiva, something wrong, you regret about last night”? There was something unfamiliar about Zayns voice, something Shiva couldn’t quite place, usually he acted so cold and provoking, only rarely, like now, showing a glimpse of something else, was it sadness?
“No not at all, it’s just…..”
Zayn had an idea where this was going; and he really couldn’t blame Shiva, Shiva was pretty, well liked and very coveted he could have any one he desired, now he had spend a night with the clans bad boy, had his fun, and being the nice person he was, he didn’t know how to tell he had had what he wanted.

Zayn knew very well that many of the younger demons, both male and female desired him as much as they despised him, he had long ago thought himself to keep sex and feelings apart. That was also the reason he had ignored Shiva’s approaches for so long, he liked him, and it would simply hurt too much when the time came to realize, that Shiva cared just as little for him as everybody else. No, Shiva was not the one to blame, he was.
“Its ok Shiva, I understand” he let go of Shiva’s waist and turned around to leave.
“Wait” a very confused Shiva quickly gapped his wrist, spinning him around and pulling him back into a tight hug.

“I really don’t know how to ask this, promise you won’t get mad”?
Zayn looked confused down at Shiva, who had locked his arms around his waist in an iron grip, effetely keeping him from going anywhere. He really hated when people started a question that way, it could only mean something bad.
“Ok ok, I’ll try not to get mad”
Try, Shiva had hoped for a bit more, but it seemed ,try, had to do “its no secret that Kumara is interested in me, he has been hitting on me, like forever, you on the other hand, you have ignored me completely, until last night, why did you sleep with me, was it just to piss of Kumara”?

Zayn was really close starting laughing, relived the conversation was not going in the direction he had thought, and that thing about Kumara, he had not thought about that, but he would give his right arm to see the expression on big bro`s face when he found out, man was he going to be pissed.
Low sobs brought Zayn back from his thoughts, looking down; he realized tears were running down Shiva’s cheeks, making him feel guilty that he had almost laughed at something that concerned Shiva that much.
“So, did you only sleep with me to provoke Kumara”? Shiva tried to hide the fact that he was crying, but failed terribly.
Warm arms embracing him, hands gently stroking his hair and drying away his tears
“Of cause not, but I admit it’s a welcome bonus” the last was added with a light laugh, Shiva immediately felt in a better mood, drying his eyes, feeling silly and embarrassed about crying so easily, Zayn really had to think he was a wimp now.
“So what was the real reason you slept with me”? Shiva tilted his head to the side, looking up at Zayn with an expression so innocent it should be impossible for a demon.
“You did look kind of cute in that robe”
“Just kind of cute”? Shiva faked an insulted voice as he backed towards the bed, pulling of his t-shirt.
“ok, really cute” Zayn smirked and followed Shiva towards the bed, throwing his own
T-shirt to the floor as he moved.

Zayn kneeled down next to the bed, between Shiva’s legs, then leaning in to run his tongue over the fabric still covering Shiva's groin. The soft vimpers and light shivering wordless begging him to continue.
“Lay down” he gently pushed Shiva onto his back, then turning his attention back to the growing bulge between his lover’s legs.
For a while licking and mouthing him, before finally removing his pants.
He could feel Shiva's hands tangle in his hair, urging him on, pulling him closer. He let his tongue trail along the length, the tip of his tongue teasing the sensitive flash, his lips softly kissing the head.
Shiva's clawed fingers were tarring holes in the sheets as he arched his back, biting his lower lip to keep from moaning to loud, the last thing he wanted right now was for someone to disturb them. Especially someone like Kumara.
“Please…fuck me…”
“Like this”? Zayn smirked and pushed two fingers inside of him, continuing to tease him with his tongue.
Shiva moaned out loudly and released his demon form, then turning around to kneel on knees and elbows, spreading his legs. “Now stop teasing me and fuck me “. Zayn got up, dropping his pants to the floor. Silver wings unfolding from his back, his amber eyes glowing dark with lust.
Shiva arched his back in pleasure as he felt his lover push inside him. Tilting his head to the side as he felt Zayn`s fangs pierce his skin, once again marking him as his.

Once done, they both collapsed on the bed, exhausted and satisfied. “Promise you will still be here when I wake up”?
Zayn just pulled him closer “Yeah, I’m not going any where”.
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PostSubject: Re: Of Heaven and Hell (ENG)   Sun May 18, 2008 5:19 am

Awwww cute end of this chapter ^^
But.. sometimes you write Rais and sometimes Rise.. is this the same person or did I understand something completely wrong?
But anyway, this is a great story and I wanna read moooooore ^^
And I like the idea to this whole story..
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Of Heaven and Hell (ENG)
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