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 [ENG] A Pirates Life For Me - Beatles Slash

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PostSubject: [ENG] A Pirates Life For Me - Beatles Slash   Sun Apr 06, 2008 4:31 pm

Warning: None
Pairings: George Harrison/Ringo Starr
Author: Raringen

Note: Inspired by a video, so if you're completely lost, here's a link to it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AarhZScyuz0

George stood in the small room that had officially been named "Mr.Arrisons Wardrobe" A small in-joke that he couldnít remember, but Eric apparently did since he had the name put on the door.

He had changed into his normal clothes now, the pirate costume hanging behind him and the hat resting on a chair. He laughed to himself, oh the things Eric would allow him to do in the name of comedy. George hadnít imagined his dear friend would say yes when he had joked "Why donít I dress up as a pirate and horse around?"

He picked up the pirate hat, his long fingers slowly running over the fabric. He looked around, as if just to make sure no one was around before he slowly put the hat on. He looked at himself in the small mirror and smirked, he looked ridiculous. Long hair, that could probably use a good work out with the hair brush, stuck out from under the black material.

He was just striking pirate poses and laughing at himself when the door went up "Hey Georgie, I'm 'ere to pick you up..." Upon hearing the familiar voice and its sudden stop, George turned to face a confused and adorable looking Ringo.
"I was just..." He said embarrass "Passing time till you came and got me..." he reached up to take off the hat but was stopped by the shorter mans hand.

George watched with curios eyes as Ringo's went from the pirate hat to the full costume and as his tongue darted out to quickly lick over his lips.
"Think you could take the costume with you home?" He asked, a small blush spreading on his cheeks and George smiled "I'm sure no one would mind...Just a silly old costume" he replied.

Ringo's hand rested at the back of Georgeís neck, bringing the taller mans head down for a brief kiss filled with all kinds of wicked promises.
"Good...now lets get out of 'ere then"

"Yo ho yo ho, a pirateís life for me..." George sang playfully as he grabbed the costume, fake parrot, hook and all, and followed Ringo out to the car.
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[ENG] A Pirates Life For Me - Beatles Slash
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