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 How to post Stories

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PostSubject: How to post Stories   Sat Apr 05, 2008 4:58 pm

Its realy Simple
  • 1) Chose Category: FanFiction or Original Story

  • 2) Depending on your age and your story chose Over 18 or start a new Thread. Please read the Site Rules before posting

  • 3) Because this is a English and German speaking Forum you need to mark your Threads so that the Users know wich language your story will be in.
    Example for marking : " [ENG] Oceans Between" or " [GER]Why hello i am a Title"

  • 4) a; If you have one (or more) Oneshots open yourself a Oneshot thread
    b; If you have a complete/incomplete Novel post it in your Thread (Careful the posts can only have a certain length, so you'll have to split long chapters up into different posts)

  • 5) If you want to update a Novel just post a answer into your thread.
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How to post Stories
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